Friday, 22 September 2017

All About Me!

All About Me!

This week the children have had a lovely time in Nursery. As they are all settling so well in class and beginning to make relationships with new friends.
As we begin our topic we have been looking at differences in each other; in height, hair colour, hand prints, and finger prints. The children are so observant and can already point out differences in each other.
We have also been focusing on class routines, encouraging them to tidy away and care for the toys.

Don't they line up well?
We encourage the children to eat a healthy snack

 we all enjoy the construction area

And some emergent readers

 painting and 'messy' activities continue to be a favourite
 Large mark making using our fingers in the shaving foam

Fine finger and colour matching/naming as we use tongs to put the pom poms into the correct tube, helping to develop those hand muscles ready for holding and controlling their pencil.

 As always the children are encouraged to share the resources and to be kind to each other. They are beginning to sit very nicely on the carpet and are participating in our songs. 
It's so nice to hear the children speaking new words in English and all of them are repeating new words each day.

Next week we will be continuing with our topic of All About Me. We will be dong lots of activities around this, including; painting ourselves, using collage for our faces, talking about our family and who is in it, giving the opportunity to learn family names in English. We will be doing more  lots of listening activities in preparation for learning our letter sounds later in the school year.
We read lot's of stories in Nursery so if your child has any suitable books in English please do send them in , allowing them to share a favourite story with their friends.

Quick reminders:
We have got a few baby photographs of the children but are still waiting for more if you could please send them with your child on Monday. 

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday,
Miss Jackie

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Settling In With Friends!

Settling In to Nursery

What a great couple of weeks we have had in Nursery!
All of our children are now having great fun meeting new friends and exploring our classrooms.
We are still having a few tears at the beginning of the day which is to be expected at this time. We do find that if you bring your child to class then give him/her a kiss goodbye, telling them you will return later and go they settle very quickly. We do not mind at all comforting your child and it will help them to adapt to the class routines sooner.
Once we are in class the children are all participating during carpet time and most of them are already repeating lots of new words in English!
We have been covering all areas of development during our Settling In period and the children are already forming new friendships and learning to follow class routines.

Our Class of 2017/18

Don't they look smart?

Each week I will be posting on this blog including lot's of photographs of your child being busy in class. I will be notifying you here of any special work projects we are doing or if they are required to bring anything to school. Please try to read the blog and look at the pictures with your child each week.... and I love to get comments and suggestions back from you too!
Remember I will  be available each morning and afternoon if you have any concerns and if you should require a short meeting we can arrange a suitable time for this.
Now that the children are more settled we will beginning our first topic, this is: All About Me. During this topic we will be looking at the differences between us, our family, our body and our Five senses.
We will incorporate the 7 areas of development in all our topics (Mathematics; Literacy; Understanding of the World; Personal, Social and Emotional; Communication and Language; Expressive Arts & Design and Physical development.
I will be adding observations to you child's Tapestry account through out the year which you can access at any time.
We are learning to hold our pencil correctly and to follow lines or shapes to encourage control.

 We practice finger gym activities to help your child develop the muscles needed to begin holding their pencil when forming letters and mark making.
Looking at ways to recognise our own name.

Matching and naming colours, shapes and numbers



Let's get physical


 And fine finger skills too

Being creative

Imaginative play

We ended the week with Music and Movement

As you can see the children have all been very busy in Nursery and having a great time too!
I hope you have enjoyed this first blog, we won't always have so many photos, but I think you'll agree they all look Fantastic!
Important reminders:
Please could your child bring a baby photograph to school to use in our topic.
Please remember to always send a water bottle for your child,  we have a machine in class to refill but we encourage the children to drink water often, especially while it is so warm.
If your child stays in school for clubs, please send in an extra small snack to have at this time.
Have a great week ahead,
Miss Jackie