Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear

This week in Nursery we have been continuing our topic on Colour with our favourite story
Brown Bear Brown Bear.
We have been busy making all the animals with a selection of paint, collage and other materials to make our own Brown Bear books. Look out for those coming home soon.
Although our topic this month is colour we continue to learn using all of our seven areas of learning. The children are now forming special friendships and making relationships with the other children. We are encouraging good behaviour, reinforcing helping others and being kind to our friends.
We have also been working on our self-help skills where we are encouraging the children to go to the bathroom, put on their socks and shoes and babi's independently. You can help your child by encouraging this at home too.
We do lots of counting games and activities, colour matching, computer skills and are learning to recognise our own name. Most children can find their own name and can recognise the initial letter by sound.
In, on and under, we are learning about prepositions using the coloured bears.
Matching and naming colours

Following and completing a pattern.

Practising our cutting skills while deciding what we would like to get from Santa

Finishing off our Brown Bear books while exploring textures in the paint.
We are all doing so well with our yoga!


We are also attending show practise each day with the rest of KS1 children to learn all of the songs we will be singing, where we will be sitting etc. I have to say our Nursery class have been the best behaved class so far....maybe I'm biased but I'm so proud of them all.
Next week we will be using gross motor movements by using paintbrushes in water to paint large circles and shapes onto the nursery patio wall,  making and following patterns, using our coordination skills to throw the bean bags into the correct numbered hoops and mixing two colours to make new colours, eg, blue + yellow = green and lots more.
What a busy time we have coming up to Christmas!
Important reminders:
I will not be in class this week until Friday as I have been given a Baja for one week, Miss Julia will have another assistant helping her in class, (Miss Nadine) for the time that I am not there. Miss Julia has a copy of the classroom planning so things will go on as normal until my return. If you have any concerns while I am off please speak to Miss Eccleston or Mr Bailey. I can also be reached by email on my school email address.
I will be sending out emails with information about our upcoming Christmas show, if you do not receive this email please let me know as we have a few changes with times etc.
I am happy to see so many costumes already coming in to school and Miss Julia and I will be painting the T-shirts when we have them all collected.
If you are sending grapes as a snack for your child, could you please cut them lengthwise to prevent a choking hazard in class.
The children will be decorating our class Christmas tree very soon, if you have any spare decorations at home we would be delighted to receive them to make our tree special.
Have a great week,
Miss Jackie

Friday, 17 November 2017

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown Bear Brown Bear

We have had so much fun this week reading our story of Brown Bear Brown Bear. We have been decorating and looking at the colours of all the animals and the children love retelling the story over again repeating all the familiar refrains and being able to name the characters before we turn the page!
We are learning all about colour and using different media to decorate the animals from painting, cutting and sticking and using lots of language describing and naming them.
You can find the book on Youtube, by Eric Carle. Please read this with your child, encouraging him/her to recite the story along with you.



We used the number tiles on patio to sequence and name the numbers....and to jump onto the correct tile. 

We are learning to hold the pencil correctly and to trace the letters of our name.

Thank you so much to the parents who sent in some more photos of our Halloween dance. Don't they all look fantastic?


Next week we will be finishing off on our topic of colour with our Brown Bear book.  We will be practising mark making using our fingers and pencils to write in sand, helping to develop  our muscles to enable us to write in the future.
We continue to work with our numbers throughout the year, reinforcing sequencing and number recognition. We will also be following pattern using coloured beads on string.
This week for P:E the children participated in our yoga class and really enjoyed it, being able to follow instructions to complete it successfully.
We will also be practising for our Christmas show...yes it's that time already!
This year the nursery class will be performing as STARS in our play, I will be sending out letters next week with examples of costumes to be worn and final details of where and when we will be performing.
Important reminders:
Can I please ask that parents put their child's name on everything they bring to school, including water bottles and snack boxes as it is sometimes difficult for the children to identify their belongings.
We ask that if the children have grapes for snack to please cut them length wise to prevent them being a choking hazard.
Also please be aware that the school has a 'Breakfast Club' situated in the dining room. If you are short of time in the morning your child is welcome to take advantage of this service until 8.30am when Nursery patio will be staffed until school registration at 8.45am. It is important that the children are present in class for 8.45am which is when we have our register and morning routines where the children get so much input in English and learn what we are going to be doing in class each day.
Thank you for your continued support,
Have a great weekend
Miss Jackie



Friday, 10 November 2017


Colours, Colours Everywhere!

We have started our new topic on Colours, the children have been doing lots of activities to reinforce their knowledge of the colour and colour names in English.
We have been reading the book Brown Bear Brown Bear and they are already repeating the familiar refrains and anticipating the next animal....and colour before we turn the page. It's becoming quite a competition on carpet time.
This week we looked at Red, Yellow and Blue with our Red Bird, Blue Horse and Yellow Duck collages. 
We have been using the tablet this week to reinforce our numbers and everyone is trying so hard and are very proud when they can name the correct numbers.
We have also been using the child scissors to cut magazines, helping to reinforce the muscles in our hands to help get ready for writing and mark making in class.

We have been learning how to form the numbers correctly, using our fingers on the tablet.

We have also been learning about the importance of friends, helping each other, sharing and being kind to each other.

We love creative activities and different ways of mark making.

Then we had Yoga for P.E. and they did so well!

And fun times in our mud kitchen!

Next week we will be continuing with our topic on Colour and with our Brown Bear Book.
For Phonics we will be doing our Phonic Songs and Phase one sounds.
Maths, we will be continuing with our number recognition and learning that we can count objects to match the numeral.
We will be looking at colours green, purple, and orange, making our collage animals and finding objects in the class to match the colour.

You may have noticed we have been moving classrooms recently, we are now in the 'old' Nursery Creative room and will be staying there. The other room across the hall will still be used for Music and Movement, P.E, siesta and also for one-one support for the children among other things.
We will now have free access to the outside classroom and also to the bathrooms to encourage independence for the children. I apologise for all the upheaval in the past few weeks!

I hope you all have a great weekend,
Miss Jackie