Friday, 18 May 2018

Farm Animals

I apologise if your children have been coming home mimicking all of our animal sounds this week, we have had a few cows, horses and dogs in our class, acting out farm scenes and naming the animals during play. 
The children are all speaking so much more English in class recently, telling stories from home and even when playing together,  and we are delighted! 
As always, we have begun making various animals for our farm scene coming up shortly.

We had very colourful chickens

Stripy farm cats

And we used shapes to make our dogs

We went out to the garden to collect and count the twigs, but then we got a bit distracted and decided to use the outdoor kitchen to make some pies

Then made some beautiful structures with the junk modelling

Next week we will be continuing with our farm animals with lots of activities for counting and recognising our letters. We now have three Read Write Inc groups. A few of the children are now blend the letters sounds and beginning to read. Group 2 are also blending the letters to make words and the third group are doing well recognising the letters and just beginning to blend. The children who need more support are also receiving this on an individual basis.
We continue with our maths activities on a daily basis but of course in nursery this is cross curricular and can also be maintained through creative, patio and group activities as well as specific structured lessons.
A very big part of Nursery education is learning social and self help skills, We encourage the children to do as much as possible independently e.g. putting on and taking off their babi's and shoes. Being able to clean themselves adequately when using the bathroom, we encourage the children to try but are always on hand to assist when required. We also encourage the children to call us if using the bathroom in order for us to help.

Have a great weekend

Miss Jackie

Friday, 11 May 2018

Farm Animals

We have come to the end of our mini topic on wild animals. I hope you have all had a chance to see our display featuring all of the children's hard work. They love to look at it and identify their own masterpiece and have the chance to tell mummies and daddies about it.
The children are really trying hard with their pencil control and some of them are even writing their own names without prompts! Please be aware however that it is quite normal for the children to still be practising holding their pencil correctly at this stage, rather than writing recognisable letters or their name. We do practice pencil control in class regularly but it is so important to remember that all of our children have special skills, not always the same ones. 

             A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher...each one is different. Each one is special. Each one is beautiful.
The children also try very hard during their Read Write Inc sessions and you can help your child at home by practising the letter sounds with them. If you need further information on this please let me know.
Each day we are doing math's activities, this can be recognising, matching numbers and counting objects.  Again you can help your child by looking at numbers in your home and counting familiar objects.

Enjoying the interactive whiteboard to count the cakes for the teddy.

We used our large motor skills to practice writing the letters during RWI

We drew around each other on patio using mathematical language, tall/small, long/short

And copied writing our numbers too!

Beginning our mini topic on Farm animals with some woolly sheep

And some cows too!

Then some relaxing time

Next week we will be continuing with our farm animals. We will also be organising our school trip to the farm very soon, I will send emails next week with all the information.

Important Reminders:
As the weather is getting warmer we ask please that children do not bring chocolate or yogurt snack to school as we do not have facilities to keep them cool.
Also with the warm weather could you please check your child's spare clothes bags and put in appropriate clothing in case of accidents in class.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Miss Jackie

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Animals, Wild Animals

Wild Animals

This week was a very short one so has been a very busy few days! We have been busy finishing off our activities for our mini topic on Wild Animals, learning lots of new language and facts about the animals we might find in the jungle or zoo. Using our stories and books the children enjoy joining in with familiar refrains and guessing what might happen next. As always it surprises me to realise just how much our little learners have learned about our environment.
We are also talking about how we can help the environment by not wasting water when we wash our hands and using less paper towels.
This week we had another special birthday....

Happy 4th Birthday Maria!

We ripped paper to make the tiger's stripes

Stuck the body pats together and folded the paper legs to make our monkeys

And then we had elephants

And of course we had some special gifts to make

Next week we will be continuing on our Animal topic but we will be moving on to look at animals we might find on the farm. We will be reading Old MacDonald had a Farm and also We went to visit a Farm One Day. If the children have any photos or books with farm animals it would be lovely for them to share with us during carpet time.
With RWI we are again changing the groups a little as the children naturally progress at different rates and it is important to involve them and keep them all interested.
We also continue with activities helping to recognise numbers and counting objects in class.
This week we have also begun practising for our summer show which will be Pirates v's Mermaids. After a lot of trials we have decided on the song for our Nursery dance, this will be Boogie Beebies Ocean Motion and can be found on Youtube. We will be dressing as sea creatures/animals.
Finally I hope all our lovely mummies have a wonderful Happy Mother's Day and enjoy spending time with your special little people!
Have a great weekend

Miss Jackie

Friday, 27 April 2018

Wild Animals

The children have all settled well into our third term in Nursery. We have started our new topic on Animals, beginning with Wild Animals. We have been reading Dear Zoo which the children love and enjoy guessing which animal comes next in the story.
We have been re-inforcing our numbers with lots of different activities from parking the numbered cars to matching and sequencing numbers. You can help your child with this by using number cards at home. We are also continuing with our phonics, following our Read Write Inc programme. Most of the children are picking it up and recognising the sounds, being able to recite the rhymes along side. We ask that you please practice the letters at home as a few of the children are struggling with this concept.

Happy 4th Birthday Samuel

 We had some wild animals on  patio!

 Let's put the spots on the leopard

 We used pasta for the lion's mane

 And ripped paper to make the stripes on the tiger

 and snappy alligators
 Sequencing and naming our numbers

Important Reminders:

 Monday and Tuesday the school will be closed for Dia de Trabaja. 
Can we please ask that the children do not bring toys into school. We are having an awful lot of personal toys being broken or lost and also causing fights. It is fine if your child would like to bring a small soft toy to help them to sleep during siesta. Also please refrain from allowing your child to wear jewelery e.g necklaces as they cause a choking hazard and watches as a few have been broken when playing in the water.
I wish you all a great weekend and we will see you on Wednesday,

Miss Jackie