Friday, 20 October 2017

Five Senses continued.

Taste and Smell

This term's topic of Five Senses has come to an end. The children have had a fantastic time exploring using all of their five senses and learning lot's of new language!
Each of the children are now repeating words in English and are able to follow simple commands throughout the day. We have been encouraging appropriate behaviour in class and following class routines, how quickly they adapt. We must remember just how young they are and what and amazing achievement it is for them to already be understanding so much in English. I am constantly amazed by them!
We finished off the topic with the sense of Taste, we tried lots of new food and could each say, ¨I like it¨ or ¨I don't like it¨ and  I'm sure a few of them will be repeating this at home.

I like it
 I like it
 I like it
 I don't like it!

 Then we did our activities on the sense of Smell, We had lots of different containers with 'smelly' things inside. We tried this as a group and named the ingredients then repeated on an individual basis.

                                                                   Mmm, smells nice
 I like it
 Let's have a look
Each week we also have activities on Maths and Literacy which continue throughout the year.
This week we have been doing math's activities on the computer and the children are doing really well.
You can help your child by allowing them to use your computer at home, encouraging the use of the mouse and also in counting and recognising their numbers. One of our favourite sites is:  they have several maths games for 3-5 years. Our favourite at the moment is counting the buttons on the gingerbread man. The children are now learning to recognise and count numbers up to 5. With some of them going to 10 and beyond.In literacy we have been doing lots of listening to and identifying sounds, including the initial sounds of their names.

 We made some yucky, slimy gloop...and the children loved it!

Important Reminders:

Next week we will be doing lots of activities based around Halloween. We will finish this off with our Halloween parade on Friday morning. Please being your child to school with their costume on and a change of clothes in case they should want to change afterwards. This does not have to be school uniform on this day. We will be having an Early Years round of activities where the children will be mixing with the other classes (up to Year 2) it promises to be lot's of fun!
On Monday 23rd of October, we will be changing class rooms with Reception Class. This will happen at the end of the day once the children have gone home. We will be following our usual routines and the children will still be dropped off and collected in the usual place. (Nursery Patio) We will the have our morning routines and siesta in the new class, opposite our current class but all other activities and patio will remain in our second creative class as normal.
If you have any questions about this please feel free to discuss them with me and I hope I can answer them sufficiently or failing that Miss Eccleston or Mr Bailey will be able to help.

When sending in water bottles for the children please ensure you have their name clearly marked to avoid confusion, Thank you.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you again on Monday,
Miss Jackie

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Five Senses Continued. Diwali

Five Senses Continued and Diwali

This week we continued with our Five senses. We used our power of Sight to explore our garden area and found lots of interesting things, using the magnifying glasses.

We also began working on prepositions, on top, under, behind etc

The whole school celebrated Diwali....and Nursery had to get in on the act too!
We decorated our clay Diyas for the display and tried out lots of new foods.

One of our parents very kindly donated traditional costumes to our class and the children loved trying them on and dancing to Diwali dances.

Next week we will be doing activities around the sense of smell and taste.
We have been doing lots of listening activities in preparation for learning to recognise the letter sounds. The children have all been doing so well and can recognise so many surprising sounds. This also leads to lots of new language as they learn the names of objects, animals etc in English.
We will be doing Fred Talk games during carpet time, Singing Phonics and instrumental listening games both inside and outside the classroom.
You can help your child by sounding out the letters of familiar objects, e.g. d-o-g, c-a-t and also the letters of their names.
Important reminders: All of our Tapestry accounts should now be activated. If you continue to have problems with this please let me know so that I can get the access codes re-sent to you. Remember these may be in your spam folder and are only usable for 24 hours. Once you have activated your account you can  enter your child's profile at any time. I will be updating the profiles on a regular basis, showing you photographs and learning outcomes for your child. Once you  have the access codes you can share with family members but please remind them that these profiles, and in particular photos should not be used in any social media sites or for any other use other than intended.
I hope you all have a lovely long weekend,
Miss Jackie



Friday, 6 October 2017

All About Me, Five Senses

All About Me!

Five Senses

Apologies for not having the blog last week, I was participating in The Long Walk, raising funds for Breast Cancer, Children in Need and also for the people affected by the recent fires. we walked 85km from Moya- Cruz de Tejeda- Pico de Las Nieves-Santa Lucia de Tirajana- Tunte-Ayagaures and finally to Riu Palace in Playa Del Ingles. It was a great experience for me and walked with a great and supportive team. It was lovely to be met at Parque Sur by Nayra, her little brother and mummy!
The children have continued being very busy in class and following our topic of All About Me. We looked at ourselves, then printed our hands and feet and free painted our faces, with remarkable detail! I hope you all have a chance to look at them where they are displayed in the hall.
Painting our faces

Then we started on our hands...


and our feet, it was really tickly!


To promote self help skills the children all managed to put on their own socks and shoes! Some with a little help

We looked at our families and who was in them and sorted socks into pairs, counting 2 objects and realising anything can be counted

Then, just to keep us busy, this week we started on our 5 senses!
We made 'earphones' to go on our listening walk for our sense of hearing

Then we looked at our sense of touch...we had a sensory walkway, some things were soft, crunchy, hard, cold and wet!

Next week we will be concentrating on our Diwali celebrations. We have each made a Diya for the display and will also be having a clay Diya to bring home, we have been looking at how children celebrate Diwali and trying some of the dances.
Important reminders: We are still waiting for the baby photos of your child as part of this topic, could you please bring these to school as soon as possible?
Next week school will only be open Monday to Wednesday, (we have a holiday on Thursday and staff inset on Friday)
Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday!
Miss Jackie