Friday, 26 January 2018

Numbers and Shapes Contd

This week we have been looking more closely at shapes. We had another shape hunt in the large patio, the children loved finding the hidden shapes then named and counted them before hiding them for the next group.
Lots of number work on the carpet and with activities. We are concentrating on numbers 1-5 and some of the children are going higher and higher. 
 As a school we have bought into the Read Write Inc (RWI)  programme by Ruth Miskin. Normally this would be introduced on the final term before summer in preparation for reception. However the programme has now been extended to Nursery and we are waiting on the arrival of this. Meanwhile we are continuing with our sound activities each day and have also started on our letter sounds so your child may be saying phrases like, Maisie mountain mountain, round the apple and down the leaf and also slither down the snake as we have introduced letters m.a and s.
I have sent home a letter formation sheet with your child toady. This has the order we will be introducing the letters and also the rhyme we say as we teach it. 

Independent shapes, sticking correct shapes onto large card shape.

Enjoying our new reading Garden and learning to care for the books

Counting, recognising  and moulding the playdough to make the number

We are learning to write some letters of our name

Rocco can make great towers!

And everyone is learning to tidy up our classroom and care for our toys.

As an added treat, one of our parents took some beautiful photos of our Christmas concert!

Important Reminders:

Could we please ask that parents bring the children to school for 08.45 each morning. We do an online register which closes at 09.00 so if your child arrives at that time could you please inform the office as we can no longer add your child from the classroom.
Also each morning during carpet time we are learning to sit and participate in class discussions, this helps your child to begin to form sentences in English. we practice our numbers, days of the week, topic themes and also Letters and Sounds.  As we are now introducing letter sounds each day it is so important that your child doesn't miss this important time. 

It is getting cold in the mornings so we also ask that you bring your child to school wearing a jacket as first patio time can be a bit chilly.

Have a great weekend,
Miss Jackie

Friday, 19 January 2018

Numbers and Shapes

We have been continuing our topic on Numbers and Shapes.the children have been exploring our environment looking for shapes and are becoming very good at it. We've been singing shape rhymes and painting the shapes independently. 
We have been going back to basic with our numbers as a few of the children have forgotten their numbers with all the excitement of their Christmas holidays.

Painting shapes

We used cotton buds to make the shapes on card

I can make a diamond!

Cut and stick shape/Scissor skills
Working together

In this school we are following the Read Write Inc programme for literacy and is usually implemented in our last term before reception. A new programme has now come out aimed for Nursery Children. We have bought into this and expect delivery very soon. Meanwhile  we have been doing lots of listening games and have started introducing our letter sounds, this week we have introduced the letter 'm' as Maisie Mountain Mountain. We have been looking at lots of things beginning with this sound in class.
I will send home more information as soon as we receive it and I will send home our letter sounds with relevant rhymes this week.

Important Reminders: 
We have been working on our self help skills and children are practising putting on and fastening their buttons independently, you can help your child at home by encouraging them to put on and take off their own clothes by themselves.
Each morning the children will be finding their own name and placing it on the board for self registration, please encourage your child to do this upon entering the class.

Have a great weekend

Miss Jackie

Friday, 12 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to everyone in our Nursery class,  All of the children have come back full of energy and ready to tackle new things in school. We have started this term with our topic on Numbers and Shapes.
The children are learning to sort, match,  paint and name basic 2D shapes and of course we are continuing to practice our numbers. Each week we will be introducing new activities to reinforce this knowledge.
This is going to be another busy term with lots of exciting things coming up, e.g, Carnival, Chinese New Year, Story telling week to name but a few and I will let you know nearer to the time what we will be doing for these.
This term we will also be starting our Read Write Inc programme, the children will be learning our letter sounds and beginning to sound out new words. We have been working towards this with our Letters and Sounds activities and the children have been doing really well.
Round and round we go to make a circle

We made a caterpillar out of circles

 We found circles in our environment

And a few squares

 The playdough can be made into circles too!

We recognised some numbers on patio

And the children are also practising writing the letters of their names....what a busy week!

Next week we will be looking at squares, triangles and rectangles as well as cutting skills, pencil control and continuing with our phonics.
You may have noticed some changes in our patio area, we have more activities out there to encourage free flow play and continuous provision, the children are really enjoying the opportunity to explore each new area independently.

Important reminders
As the weather has turned cooler, particularly in the mornings could you please send in a jacket each day for your child.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Jackie